Indian Ladder Farm

Indian Ladder Farm is one of my home away from homes.

I love the drive into the country. I’ve picked berries here, brought friends and family here, wandered about the property, fed all of their goats and other animals, seen summer plays in the field, and had many-a-brunch at the Yellow Rock Café. The brunch is incredible, I usually stick with the stuffed French toast because it is always done with different fresh fruit of the season, so delectable.


After enjoying brunch I look about the store, check on the queen bee (with the blue dot), and go hang out with the animals a bit more.



Grab some quarters from the car, feed your favorite goat, and take a walk down the trail past the bunnies and roosters to what you really came here for, Rosie, the Scotch Highland Cow. She’s glorious.


If you’re up for some nature and the weather is right, Thacher Park is quite close to the farm, and it is my favorite place to hike in the region.


Come this weekend to visit their baby animals! And eat brunch! And enjoy everything the farm has to offer. Don’t forget about the farm in the fall, come pick apples, enjoy cider donuts, and go on a hay ride!

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