Tierra Farm Store

Last Tuesday was Earth Day.

While I personally like to think of everyday as Earth Day, I think it’s a good idea to remind some people once in a while.

The new Tierra Farm Store on Madison Ave had its opening on this day, and I stopped in for a peek and some samples before class at Saint Rose. Their food is organic and they are a solar power facility. I enjoyed noshing on some of their delicious snacks such as dried mulberries and goji berries (which I liked so much I got them in my granola), curried cashews, and dark chocolate covered ginger. I also sampled some of their delicious coffee. This store is their ‘coffee laboratory’ and they have a huge Willy Wonka looking contraption that drips coffee every three seconds. I couldn’t possibly wait for it in the morning, but I’m glad they did.


As a Saint Rose student, I am so happy with its’ location. It is in walking distance so I can grab a great cup of joe, or a healthy snack before class.


You can check out their goods for yourself,



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