Proctors Theater

Some people may think I’m crazy (I’m sure a lot of people do), but the truth is I like Proctors Theater better than the NYC Broadway experience.

Is it so strange that I enjoy driving in my car such a short distance and a free parking lot right across from the theater? It’s so EASY. You may not get the variety available down in the city, but the quality of the show is just the same. I’ll take what I can get for the comfort. Most recently I saw War Horse, which I adored. As a lover of both history and culture this was right up my alley. Plus the theater is a reason to get a little dressed up which is always fun.

Right now I am trying to book tickets for Book Of Mormon, this is proving to be quite difficult. Wish me luck! Proctors is a beautiful theater and there is much to do in Schenectady before or after seeing a play!


If you are interested in seeing a play at the Proctors Theater, check out their website


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